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 Creating a Maverick Hunter

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PostSubject: Creating a Maverick Hunter   Creating a Maverick Hunter EmptySun Apr 07, 2013 8:11 pm

Creating a Maverick Hunter is as simple as choosing a few parts, naming your new Hunter, and then adding some flavor to make it unique.

Start out by choosing a model type from those available.

Then choose your 3 starting skills.

Choose 1 each of the Head, Body, and Legs parts, and 2 of the Arm parts. Then equip those parts in your Hunter's appropriate slots and add up any bonuses/penalties you receive.

You can also choose your weapons. You can either have 1 Main Hand weapon OR 2 Off Hand weapons.

Every Maverick Hunter starts out with 20 Hit Points (HP). HP are your last line of defense against the Mavericks you will be fighting. It's usually best to avoid getting hit in the first place, rather than rely on a large pool of HP.

Each Maverick Hunter has a base speed of 6 which can be altered by different parts you equip. A speed of 6 means that you can move 6 hexes without having to use up AP.

(I'll keep updating this as much as I can.)
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Creating a Maverick Hunter
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