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 Glossary of Terms

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PostSubject: Glossary of Terms   Glossary of Terms EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 12:54 am

On this site we'll be using terms that you may not understand.

This is because you didn't play Megaman X.

For shame.

But just in case, here's a few terms you may not understand.


Reploid: A humanoid robot that has advanced AI. They have thoughts and emotions and act in such a manner as to be considered a living being.

Mechaniloid: A robot that can be any shape. Usually made for a specific task and sent along with a reploid to accomplish a larger goal.

Maverick: A reploid or mechaniloid that has turned against the greater public and has become a danger.

Maverick Hunter: Reploids that hunt down rogue mavericks and remove them as a threat. This can be done with violent or non-violent means.

Saber: Sabers are energy based blades that are favored by high-ranking Maverick Hunters. They have gained a lot of popularity thanks to Zero, one of the highest ranking Maverick Hunters.


As I find more words that may not make sense to the laymen, I'll add them here.
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Glossary of Terms
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