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 Finalized Mechanics (Possibly)

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PostSubject: Finalized Mechanics (Possibly)   Finalized Mechanics (Possibly) EmptySun Apr 07, 2013 12:59 pm

Let's post our finalized Mechanics here.


When making a character, you choose 5 parts for 5 slots. This gives the character it's base attributes, such as what it's attacks are and what, if any, bonuses it gets.

Actions in combat will cost Action Points (AP) and movement will be based on a base speed of 6, unless you have a part that increases or decreases that. (I'm not sure on this and would like your opinion.)

Unused AP will be converted to Reaction Points (RP) at the end of your turn. RP can be used to move or possibly attack when it is not your turn. (This may be limited after testing. Maybe only half of AP will convert.)

Main-Hand weapons will do more damage but cost more AP and can only attack once per round. Off-Hand weapons will do less damage but cost less AP and can attack twice in a round.

Weapons can either be an integrated Arm Part or a separate part that is held in the hand. Most separate weapons will be considered Off-Hand with some exceptions. (Such as sniper rifles.)

Melee weapons will be considered Off-Hand with a few exceptions. (Such as maybe a Z-Saber. It just strikes me as a powerful melee weapon.)


Would like you opinion on most of these. I don't want to bogart this whole project and would very much like to hear what you think. Razz
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Finalized Mechanics (Possibly)
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