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 How to play Maverick Hunter RPG

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PostSubject: How to play Maverick Hunter RPG   How to play Maverick Hunter RPG EmptySun Apr 07, 2013 7:27 pm

Maverick Hunter RPG is a game based on the Megaman X series of video games by Capcom.

This game is meant to be a tribute to those games and is merely for fans to enjoy a new way to play in that universe.

We do not expect nor intend to profit off of this game or any of the intellectual properties of Capcom.


Maverick Hunter RPG is a pen and paper game where you roll dice to determine the outcome of specific actions.

You create your own Maverick Hunter using the rules provided and then a Game Master (GM) creates a series of missions and challenges for your new Maverick Hunter to take on!

The goals of this game are simple:

1.) Create a unique character in the Megaman universe.

2.) Play out a new story in the Megaman X universe.

3.) Upgrade your Maverick Hunter using Parts and Upgrades you obtain from defeating enemy Mechaniloids and Reploids.

4.) The obligatory addition of 'Have Fun.'


Playing the Game:

First, create your character using the rules in 'Creating a Maverick Hunter' post.

Make sure to completely fill out your character sheet so that you have an easy reference for your abilities and stats.

Once all players have their characters ready, let the GM begin the game. Make sure to roleplay your character appropriate to their personality, but don't let that stop you from letting their personality evolve naturally!

Depending on your GMs story, eventually you will be in a combat situation.

Combat can begin and play out in a variety of different ways, but usually the GM will have each character roll for initiative. Every player rolls a d20 and lets the GM know what the outcome is. The GM will roll for your enemies. Once all initiatives have been rolled, combat can begin starting with the character or enemy who rolled the highest then proceeding down the line.

On your turn you have a variety of actions you can perform. However, you have limited pool of Action Points (AP) to perform these actions. Most Maverick Hunters will start with a pool of 6 AP. Depending on what action you want to do, it will cost a differing amount of AP. Here's a general rule of thumb to go by, as far as AP costs go:

Attacking with a Main-Hand weapon: 3 AP
Attacking with an Off-Hand weapon: 2 AP
Moving more than your speed: 1 AP per Hex
Picking up an item: 1 AP
Throwing an item: 1 AP

These are just a few examples and there will be many things you'll want to do that don't fall under normal rules. Just let your GM decide what would be fair.

You can also move once, up to your speed, as a free action. Moving beyond your speed, or more than once per round, will cost AP as described above.

You also have the option to jump. You can jump horizontally for 3 hexes by running for 2 before jumping, which puts you 1 hex high. You can jump straight up 2 hexes as well. If you're next to a wall, you can jump off the wall either 3 hexes out, or 2 hexes up. If you stay on the wall, you will slide down to the ground by the end of the next persons turn. If you reach a ledge, you can either land on the ledge, if you can jump high enough, or you can grap the ledge, and pull yourself up for 1 hex of movement.

In order to attack, you and the enemy each roll a d20. You add any attack bonuses you have for the weapon you are using and the enemy adds in its Defense bonus. However, there are some limitations.

You cannot make more than 2 attacks in a round. Unless a part allows.
You cannot attack with a Main-Hand weapon more than once a round.
You cannot attack with Off-Hand weapons more than twice a round.
You cannot attack with the same weapon more than once a round.

Most weapons will follow these rules. Those that do not will be noted in their description.

If your attack roll, including bonuses and penalties, meets or beats the enemies Defense roll, than you have succeeded and can now roll damage. Damage is determined by the weapon you are using when you make the attack (And yes, you must specify which weapon you are using before you make the attack roll!) plus any additional bonuses you get from Parts. Once you have totaled the damage, the GM will subtract the amount from the enemies HP, minus any Armor or Resistance scores it may have.

What's Armor and Resistance, you ask? Armor is a stat that you and enemies can have that reduces the amount of Standard Damage received. Resistance is technically many different scores. You and an enemy can have Resistance to any kind of Non-Standard Damage, such as Electricity or Fire damage. Otherwise it works the same as Armor for it's specific damage type.

For example: If you have an Armor score of 2 and an enemy rolls 4 Standard damage against you, you only take 2 damage. And if an enemy has Fire Resistance 1 and you roll 5 Fire damage against it, than it will only take 4 damage.

Once you have done enough damage to an enemy to reduce it to 0 HP it is defeated! Hooray for you! Now the GM will roll percentile (2d10s) to determine if the enemy drops an item. Generally speaking, there is a 50% chance of an enemy dropping an item. If the enemy does drop an item than the GM can either roll percentile again to determine what type of item, or drop whatever item they wish.

There are some Parts than can add a little luck in your favor when the GM rolls for an item drop. Keep an eye out for them as they can make battles much easier!

Now that you've attacked and moved, your turn is now over. What's that? You still have some AP left? Well, there's a reason for that...

Maverick Hunter RPG was created with the idea of having a more action packed pen and paper experience to get a true feeling of the fast paced action in a Megaman title. Because of this, any unused AP at the end of your turn are converted to Reaction Points (RP). Reaction Points can be used during other characters, or even an enemy's, turn. Here's an example of what you can do with RP:

Move at 1 Hex per RP.
Move out of the blast radius of a bomb.
Make a quick attack against a charging enemy.
Quickly grab a healing item that has dropped from a defeated enemy.

And some things you cannot do with RP:

Avoid an attack that is specifically targeting you.
Destroy an enemy before an ally can.
Make an additional attack beyond the 2 allotted in a round.

Once your turn comes back around, however, all of your remaining RP is reduced to 0.

As you can see, RP will be extremely useful in combat but will not make your character all-powerful. It's helpful to remember that enemies and other characters will also have RP, so be prepared for a little chaos on your turn!

(I'll keep updating this as much as I can.)
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How to play Maverick Hunter RPG
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